The NAACP DC Branch is investigating the firing of the teachers at the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science (MS)². The NAACP DC Branch will investigate allegations of discrimination and claims of racial based injustices that occur within Washington, DC.

The NAACP seeks to promote social justice and equality in the District of Columbia through improving the political, educational, social and economic status of minorities and eliminating racial prejudice. Our Education Committee advocates ending the “School to Prison Pipeline” and promotes Fair Teacher Selection, Teacher Retention, School Resource Equity, Early Childhood Education, STEM Education, School Choice and Family Parental Engagement. The NAACP DC Education Committee is committed to eliminating educational disparities and inequities that hinder the growth and advancement of students of color in the nation’s capital.

Akosua Ali, NAACP DC President, stated, “The NAACP DC Branch is investigating these allegations to determine the basis for the firing these teachers. It is concerning that the teachers in question were fired during class and in front of their students. We want to ensure the students have access to high quality education , and that teachers in the District of Columbia are treated fairly.”

LaFonda Willis, NAACP DC Education Chair, stated, “Children have a right to a safe, nurturing, learning-focused classroom and school environment. The Education Committee is dedicated to ensuring that students in Washington, DC are learning in environments that promote their personal development, intellectual growth, and academic success.

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