IEEPE Speakers’ Bureau Request Form

Thank you for your interest in inviting a IEEPE speaker to your event. Note that if a request requires IEEPE staff to make a trip out of town, IEEPE asks that the requesting organization pay all expenses for travel and hotel accommodations.

Requests for LaFonda Willis to speak should be emailed to  Please include the date, time and location of the event, as well as background on the event/organization and the expected attendance. If Ms. Willis accepts, you will be responsible for lodging and round-trip travel expenses for Ms. Willis plus a traditional speaker’s fee or donation (honorarium) based on your organizational budget to the Institute for Equity and Excellence in Public Education.

To request an interview with Ms. Willis, please complete and submit the form below. Because of coordinating schedules and travel, it may take a few weeks to confirm whether Ms. Willis is available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact or call (202) 930-0484.